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Volvo Truck Parts Online

At Vos Truckparts, you'll find all the Volvo truck parts needed to complete or repair your truck. This includes engines, engine components, electrical systems, and transmissions, as well as cabin parts and brakes. Our inventory features both used and new truck parts of excellent quality.

Used Volvo Truck Parts

In addition to new truck parts, Vos Truckparts also offers used truck parts. Every day, new damaged vehicles arrive, from which we aim to recycle as many Volvo parts as possible. It’s not always necessary to purchase completely new and unused truck parts. Many parts are perfectly reusable. Just because a Volvo truck is damaged doesn’t mean the whole vehicle needs to be written off. The Volvo truck parts that are still usable are recycled. This is not only better for the environment but also more economical.

Refurbished Volvo Truck Parts

When a new damaged vehicle arrives at our facility in Zaltbommel, the truck is dismantled, and the reusable Volvo truck parts are thoroughly inspected and refurbished by our skilled staff as needed. After refurbishment, a second check ensures the Volvo truck parts are in perfect condition.

Order Volvo Truck Parts Online at Vos Truckparts

When you order used Volvo truck parts from Vos Truckparts, you're guaranteed high quality and fast delivery. We can assure this because new damaged vehicles arrive daily. This means we have a vast stock available in our warehouse, spanning over 20,000 m2 in Hedel, with almost every necessary part in stock. Want to learn more about the various truck parts you can order from us? Please get in touch with us or view our selection.