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Vind hier uw daf, scania, of volvo parts:

Location I


Disassemble, check and overhaul. Trucks are delivered daily to the Vos Truckparts branch in Zaltbommel. Where they are dismantled in a sustainable manner by a highly coordinated team. The usable parts are checked, overhauled where necessary, and transported to the sales location in Hedel.



Disassembly of trucks and parts is professionally handled by Vos Truckparts’ inhouse specialists. All dismantled parts are collected and checked there and, if approved, taken to the central warehouse in Hedel. Parts that need to be overhauled first are kept at this facility for this purpose. Disassembly, overhaul and inspection always takes place under our own management.



All engines and gearboxes are checked after receiving them. If defects are found, the engine or gearbox in question will be repaired or overhauled by skilled and well-trained employees. After the repair or overhaul a second inspection follows, after which the parts are transferred to the sales location in Hedel and also placed on the online store.


Each engine or gearbox is thoroughly tested before it is offered for sale during an extensive final inspection which is also recorded for you on film. You can rely completely on the guaranteed quality of every Vos Truckparts engine or gearbox.


“Specialist in the reuse of inspected and reconditioned parts with a warranty!”


Our other locations

Location II


Cabins are dismantled in the first Vos Truckparts location. Afterwards the cabins, including older and the very latest types, are transferred to the second location in Zaltbommel. Here everything is done concerning the repair, cleaning, alignment, blasting and spraying of the truck cabins. The truck cabins are made like new again at this modern location in Zaltbommel.

Location III


Vos Truckparts in Hedel has more than 20,000 m2 of warehouse space and more than 30 kilometres of warehouse racking, where you will find the largest range of used and new truck parts in Europe for the DAF, Scania and Volvo brands. An expert sales team stands ready to quickly deliver the right parts to you. They know exactly what you need and you can rely on their professional advice.

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