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Injector, gr engine D1705930UP €  90,00
Valve train casing daf lf(iv)/cf65(iv) D1707179UP Extra info: 1406234
€  45,00
Timing gear case flywheel side daf lf45/lf55 D1707446UP Extra info: 1408921
€  90,00
Valve train casing daf lf(iv)/cf65iv D1709491UP Extra info: 1409057
€  25,00
Compression spring daf lf(iv)/cf65(iv) D1710921UP Extra info: 1399567 / 1702559
€  1,50
Timing gear case flywheel side daf lf(iv)/cf65(iv) D1710982UP Extra info: 1409447 / 1701656 / 1708990
€  70,00
Fuel supply hose daf lfiv/cf65iv D1711194UP Extra info: 4983831 / 1703539
€  25,00
Clamp hose air intake daf lf/cf D1711459UP €  2,50
Engine cover front daf lf45/lf55/cf65 D1711598UP Extra info: 1406991
€  30,00
Adapter fuel pipe daf lf(iv)/cf65iv D1711951UP Extra info: 1409724
€  60,00
Heated water separator (fuel filter) daf lf/cf D1711988UP Extra info: 1702764
€  60,00
Flywheel housing be D1712399UP Extra info: 140790 1408822
€  350,00
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Complete range of used DAF engine parts

Vos Truckparts is your one-stop-shop supplier of used DAF engines. In the spacious warehouse in Hedel, Vos Truckparts holds an extensive stock of used truck engine parts for DAF FX series, DAF 75/85/86 CF series, DAF LF 45 series and the DAF XF 105/106 series.

The stock held by Vos Truckparts includes the following engine parts:

  • Connecting rod NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Crankshaft NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Camshaft NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Engine block NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Oil pipes
  • Gaskets
  • Distribution house DAF
  • Oil pump NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Cylinder head NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Carterset NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Head gasket set NS-RS-MX-XE-PE
  • Head gasket set MX-13 euro-6
  • Engine overhaulkit, MX (large set)
  • Tensioner set
  • Exhaust manifold

Each DAF engine part is thoroughly inspected, tested and, if required, reconditioned before being offered for sale. This guarantees you optimal quality for the best price. Ask our sales department for details of our extensive range.

You can always find an up-to-date listing of our stock of second-hand repaired and reconditioned DAF engine parts on our website. Please call us for more information: our experienced sales team will be delighted to handle your enquiry and advise the best solution for your situation. You can also simply request a competitive price using the quote form.

Vos Truckparts delivers customer orders using its own modern fleet of vehicles. We arrange fast delivery of your DAF engine part to any destination in Europe. Vos Truckparts also ships worldwide to countries such as South America, Asia, Africa and Australia: contact us for details of our competitive shipping rates.